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Who We Are

Edgewood Green Technologies, part of he EdgewoodUSA family of companies, is a premier national electrical contractorr, LED Lighting distributor, and alternative energy consulting firm. With multiple locations throughout the United States, we provide our customers with the guidance, support, and turn-key solutions required to move towards a more sustainable and profitable future.


Your Partner in Energy

Edgewood Green Technologies is proud to offer its clients the most thorough facility analysis in the industry. Let our experts assess your efficiencies, power consumption, peak demand loads, verify your power factor losses, and even determine your eligibility for EPAct 2005 commercial building tax deductions.

With minimal operational interruptions, we will show you the potential savings you are missing out on. After reviewing the report, you will have a variety of saving strategies in which we can utilize to reduce your life cycle costs, minimize your energy usage, modify your power factor, and ensure a sustainable facility. Remember our goal is Total Customer Satisfaction.

Company Pledge

Our goal is TCS

Edgewood Green Technologies has been established to provide the commercial, industrial, and institutional market with first class installations at very affordable prices. We continually strive to utilize the latest advances in technology, and share this knowledge with our customers. This co-operative approach to our business model allows both Edgewood and the customer to succeed as market leaders, surpass present standards, and enthusiastically welcome the future.

Through world class management, continuous educational growth of installation practices, materials, safety practices, and technology the entire Edgewood staff is able to provide our customers with the highest possible level of quality from job conception to completion.

The "Edgewood Team" has one main goal: Total Customer Satisfaction.

Offered Solutions
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Photovoltaic Solar Systems

    • Systems Design
    • Rooftop Arrays
    • Free Standing Arrays
    • Utility Arrays
    • Land Use
    • PPA Negotiation
    • Turn-Key Solutions

Next Generation Lighting

    • LED Retrofit Solutions
    • Induction Lighting Solutions
    • Full Facility Audits
    • Financing Services

Concept Development & Consultation

Maintenance & Service Contracts

Energy Management Systems

Engineering Services

LEED Consultation

Design / Build Solutions

    • Commercial / Industrial Electrical
    • Commercial / Industrial Data & Comm
    • High Voltage Systems Design
    • Fire Alarm & Access Control

Utility Excavation

Investment Opportunities


Total Customer Satisfaction

"Edgewood's historical and current performance has been consistently positive in all aspects; schedule, quality, budgeting, and cost."

-Hunt Construction

Solutions Provided

FL/HID Retrofits: Today's new buildings deliver high-quality lighting environments using modern energy-efficient fixtures. The lighting in your building was designed for yesterday's tasks, without today's sensitivity for the environment or controlling energy costs.

LED Lighting: LED Luminaries are high-efficiency alternatives to traditional light sources. Capitalize on the light quality, longevity, and convenience benefits of solid state lighting.

Power Studies: Allow Edgewood to conduct a state-of-the-art power study on your facility. You will receive a full diagnostic report detailing potential risks, as well as suggested remediation recommendations.

Back-Up Generators:  We carry multiple lines of generators ranging in size from 10KV to 2000KV. Eliminate loss of critical processes by installing a generator/ATS combo, and relax…..your power will always be on-line.

Daylight Harvesting:  Multi-level switching solutions, skylights, and self-dimming lighting control systems are all solutions Edgewood can provide to help you reduce your wattage and increase savings.

UPS Systems: Have a server room to back up? Make sure your critical data components are secure from unexpected power fluctuation, harmonics, and outages. We have a full line of UPS systems to meet your needs.

Harmonic Filters: Fluorescent lighting, motors, conveying systems, HVAC equipment…. All of these cause harmonic unbalance that can damage your equipment. Edgewood offers harmonic filters to help ensure the longevity of your expensive critical manufacturing equipment.

Building Management:  A Building Management System is a single, cohesive system controlling lighting, HVAC, fire, security, and other facilities. Integrated Building Management Systems bring many benefits when trying to squeeze the best performance from your building.

Power Factor: Paying PF penalties each month for your utility usage? We can save you thousands a month by examining and installing equipment to correct your power factor. Just send us your bill and we will take care of the rest.

Occupancy Monitoring: Tired of unused areas eating up your revenues? Installing occupancy sensors and lighting management can eliminate those wasted watts… putting them back into your corporate bank account.

Load Shedding: In conjunction with our detailed power study offering, we can target and eliminate unnecessary loads. Increasing your facilities overall efficiency.

Surge Suppression:  Worried about those rogue currents from the utility? Or that last electrical storm that left your expensive equipment damaged? Contact us for a variety of surge suppression solutions, tailored for your needs.

"An initial up front investment of up to $10,000 to incorporate green building features into a $5 million project would result in a savings of $1 million in today's dollars over the life of the building."

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