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EGT Waste Management Consulting specializes in reducing the cost of waste removal and recycling nationwide. We use specialized knowledge, gained through years of experience with national and regional haulers, as well as large waste brokers to your advantage.

EGT Waste Management Consulting was founded to fill a void in services, by helping companies control and reduce the rising cost of waste removal. Waste brokers and haulers generally offer only solutions they can provide, regardless of the customer's individual needs and requirements. EGT Waste Management Consulting 's innovation benefits the client by focusing on their particular needs. EGT Waste Management Consulting has networks within all areas of the waste industry, using the knowledge and resources of all the different possibilities, thus providing the best and most cost effective service to you.

EGT Waste Management Consulting offers a full-scale expense management program, allowing you to focus time on what you do best. This program provides hard cost savings to you and at the same time provides additional soft savings that are often difficult to calculate, but equally as important.

Realizing that everyone has their own needs, EGT Waste Management Consulting offers additional cost saving programs. Whether it is a survey to assess your situation at a particular point in time, or the set-up of a waste management program for in-house monitoring purposes, EGT Waste Management Consulting works as an extension of your company to help achieve your goals.

The EGT Process:
Agreement & Letter of Authorization (LOA)

You must first review and sign our agreement and LOA which says that you want us to conduct a free audit of your current waste and recycling programs. It also says that you agree to split any savings with us if we're able to reduce your waste and recycling costs.

Review of Operations

The only thing that we really need you to do is provide us with copies of your most recent waste and recycling invoices. Any additional information (waste contracts, container sizes, pick up frequencies, etc.) that you can provide us with will only help us as we go about the process.


Once we have all of the information that we need we'll start to analyze your current waste and recycling services. This often includes conducting a site survey at your location(s) to better understand your waste and recycling services. Otherwise most our work is done behind the scenes.


Once we've gotten our hands around what you're currently doing we'll apply our expertise of the latest industry technologies, transportation systems, disposal alternatives and commodity pricing to develop a set of recommendations designed to reduce your waste and recycling costs.


Upon your approval of our recommendations we'll work with your waste and recycling vendors to implement all of our approved recommendations. There's no work necessary on your part. We'll handle everything!

Ongoing Maintenance

Once our recommendations have been implemented we'll continue to monitor your invoices on a monthly basis making sure that the savings we promised is actually being realized. In addition to monitoring your invoices we'll also try to fight off any unjustified rate increases or billing errors and we'll also act as one point of contact for all of your waste and recycling needs. Let us manage your waste. You manage your business.

EGT Future Management

Optimum Pricing - bidding all locations to obtain the best cost for your waste & recycling needs while maintaining the service you expect.
Why?: Reduces operations costs adding to the bottom line.

Optimum Sizing - assessment of stores waste & recycling service levels to meet their actual needs.
Why?: Reduces operation costs by eliminating inefficiencies in waste service levels.

Consolidated Billing - client can receive one customized invoice itemizing all locations allowing for one simple payment.
Why?: Reduces Administrative costs, postage, check writing, and all other accounts payable costs.

Rate Increase Control - during the bidding process EGT requires haulers to guarantee rates for a specific time period.
Why?: Locks in price to determine budget.

Invoice Monitoring - 100% auditing of invoices to assure accuracy of payments.
Why?: Eliminates over payment that would be difficult for an accounting staff to monitor.

Contract Management - EGT prevents contracts from rolling over and places locations coming off of contract out for bid.
Why?: Continuous cost cutting efforts.

eService - electronic invoicing, e-mail service request, electronic payment.
Why?: Electronic streamlining is an immediate efficient documented way to control waste services.

Special Projects - new store setups, resets, location cleanups, one-time projects.
Why?: EGT 's knowledge and network in the waste industry provide efficient and timely service.

Waste Consolidation - EGT has the capability to consolidate all your waste needs.
Why?: Alliances with companies specializing in unique or difficult waste to remove provide one-stop shopping when it comes to waste removal and recycling.

Recycle Profile - EGT evaluates and compares the cost differences of materials that are not recycled but could be.

Why?: It creates a better company image plus governments are starting to mandate it. Be proactive!

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